• Sengiggi – Gili Bola – Moyo Island – Satonda Island – Gili Laba – Pink Beach – Komodo National Park – Kalong Island – Rinca Island – Kelor Island – Labuan Bajo
  • From Labuan Bajo you can continue traveling in Flores on your own or fly back to Bali by plane
  • Boat Facilities

    • Life jacket
    • Snorkeling gear (shared)
    • Simple fishing equipment
    • Sleep on deck with mattresses, pillows and blankets for each passenger
    • Simple toilet and kitchen
    • Radio

    What’s included

  • 5 bottles of mineral water
  • Coffee and tea at any time
  • Conservation fund $15 / person
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • English Speaking Guide
  • What’s Not Included?
    • Soft Drinks
    • Alcohol
    • Speedboat Ticket from Bali to Senggigi (Lombok) and back. From the link you can book tickets with a company that will pick you up from your hotel in Bali, bring you to Senggigi Harbour and back to your accommodation in Bali
    • Interwiki: Labuan Bajo flight++

    How to get to Senggigi

  • From Bali : get a speedboat direct from Bali to Senggigi: Speedboat Ticket
  • From Gili Islands : get an island hopping boat (traditional boat leaves at 8 am every morning) direct to Senggigi
  • From Bangsal harbour : get to Senggigi by taxi/shuttle bus/private car
  • Itinerary

    Day 1: The trip starts at 12pm (noon) from Sengiggi (Teluk Nara Harbor) in Lombok. There you will get the briefing about the program. Then the tour proceeds to Pelabuhan Lombok and from there the tour continues by boat. We will sail to Gili Bola. The activities in Gili Bola are seeing bats and sunset. We’ll spend the night there. Day 2: In the morning we depart from Gili Bola to Moyo Island. After arrival in Moyo Island you can go snorkelling to see the beauty of Moyo’s coral reefs and fish. After snorkelling for one hour we will proceed to trekking as far as 300 meters to the inside of Moyo Island to visit a waterfall. After having finished visiting the waterfall we proceed to Satonda Island. Our activities in Satonda Island are mostly snorkelling and seeing the salt water lake in the center of the island. After we are ready to head off we continue to Gili Laba and the boat will sail through the night. Day 3: After arriving in Gili Laba in the morning our activity on this island is trekking to the top of the island to enjoy the glorious panorama of Flores landscape. After that the tour continues to Pink Beach, which is the best place for snorkelling. The coral reefs, fish and the beach itself are really beautiful. This beach is called Pink Beach because of the sand on it is pink. The pink sands derives from abrasion of coral reefs across the beach which look pinky. After having finished snorkelling, the tour proceeds to Komodo Island, which is the highlight of our program. We spend 2 to 3 hours trekking around looking for the famous Komodo dragons. After Komodo Island we move to Kalong Island and spend the night there. After the sun sets you can see a lot of bats. Day 4: In the morning the boat will sail back to Rinca Island (Loh Buaya). We will do some trekking in Loh Buaya as well. On this Island, the Komodo Dragon would be easier to spot because the range of the habitat is smaller than in Komodo Island (Loh Liang). Besides komodo dragons, on this island we can also see cattle, buffalos, monkeys, partridges etc. After trekking on Loh Buaya the tour proceeds to Kelor Island. We can swim and snorkel there. From Kelor we move on to Labuan Bajo which is the end of our tour. The boat will remain in the harbour of Labuan Bajo. If you want feel free to stay on the boat during the evening. You may also choose to stay in a hotel instead. After the breakfast the next day the tour is over. We recommend you to visit some spots in Labuan Bajo and then continue exploring other parts of Flores such as waterfalls, Kelimutu lake and Ende etc.

    Image Gallery

    File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-01.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-03.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-04.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-05.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-06.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-07.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-08.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-09.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-10.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-11.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-12.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-13.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-14.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-15.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-16.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-17.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-18.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-19.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-20.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-21.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-22.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-23.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-24.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-25.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-26.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-27.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-28.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-29.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-30.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-31.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-32.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-33.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-34.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-36.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-37.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-38.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-39.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-40.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-41.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-42.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-43.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-44.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-45.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-46.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-49.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-51.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-52.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-53.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-54.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-56.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-57.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-58.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-59.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-60.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-61.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-62.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-63.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-64.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-65.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-66.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-67.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-68.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-69.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-70.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-71.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-72.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-74.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-75.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-76.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-77.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-78.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-79.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-82.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-83.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-84.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-85.jpg File:Komodo-Budget-Trip-86.JPG


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