Type of boat

  • Private charter with Phinisi Kencana –> 20 people minimum and 65 people maximum
  • Route

    Senggigi – Labuhan Lombok – Gili Bola- Satonda Island – Gili Laba – Komodo Island – Pink Beach – Labuhan Bajo – Karang Makasar – Rinca Island – Moyo Island – Keramat Island – Labuhan Lombok – Senggigi/Mataram

    Boat Facilities

    • Life jacket
    • Shared snorkeling gear
    • Simple fishing equipment
    • Sleep on deck with mattresses, pillows and blankets for each person
    • Simple toilet and kitchen
    • Radio

    Boat Specs

    Phinisi Kencana
    • Length : 35 m
    • Width : 6,5 m
    • Engine : Yanmar Marine GH 330 PK 6 Silinder
    • Sail : Only to help the engine
    • Max Passenger : 20 – 65 people
    • Crew : 6 – 8 people

    Price & Inclusion

  • Phinisi Kencana: 3.500.000 IDR per person
  • 5 bottles of mineral water
  • Coffee and tea at any time
  • Conservation fund fee for Komodo National Park $15 / person
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • English speaking guide
  • What’s Not Included

    • Soft drinks
    • Alcohol
    • Entrance fee to Satonda Island
    • Camera fee for Komodo National Park
    • Speedboat Ticket from Bali to Senggigi Lombok and back. The company found behind the link will pick you up from your hotel in Bali, get you to Senggigi Harbour and back to Bali


    Day 1 Senggigi Harbour – Labuhan Lombok – Gili Bola Depart from Senggigi Harbour at 11 am. The shuttle bus will meet you at Senggigi Harbour and bring you to Kencana docking at Labuhan Lombok. The shuttle bus will drive through the heart of Lombok mainland from west to east. The sailing trip begins from Labuan Lombok then proceeds to Gili Bola Island. Arrival at Gili Bola Island at sunset time, so you can enjoy the sunset and dinner onboard. The boat then sails through the night towards Satonda Island. Day 2 Satonda Island – Gili Laba Early morning the boat arrives at Satonda Island, where you can enjoy early sun onboard with some music while having breakfast. Satonda Island is a small island with saltwater lake inside the island. Accompanied by a guide, you can take a short walk through the island, so please prepare camera, sunscreen, mineral water and hat, and put on your shoes for comfortable walk. Don’t forget to swim in the lake and do some bird watching. Back at the beach, enjoy snorkelling in the blue water to witness the unspoiled coral and colourful fish of Satonda Island. Lunch will be served onboard. Next we will head to Gili Laba and sail through the night. Day 3 Gili Laba – Komodo Island – Labuhan Bajo Arrive at Gili Laba for some activities. The boat then proceeds to Komodo Island, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the so called megalithic era. Komodo Island is definitely the highlight of the trip. Komodo National park has a few options for the length of the trekking; you can choose from short to long and you will have a ranger accompanying you through the island. As usual, mineral water, hat, shoes and sunscreen are a must to bring with you. Along the way, you will see water buffaloes, birds and monkeys. Komodo dragons are rarely seen on this island as the island is quite big, therefore you should focus while trekking as you might see one somewhere hiding in the bushes. Lunch is served onboard. You will leave Komodo National Park feeling amazed, and the feeling will continue when the boat heads to Pink Beach – a beautiful small island with red sand along the beach. The colour of the sand came from flakes of dead red coral from hundred of years back. Put on your snorkelling gear as you are about to see the best underwater world of sparking corals and fish. Dinner will be served onboard while the boat heads to Labuan Bajo. You are allowed to stop by at the city of Labuan Bajo while the boat stops at the harbour and spends the night there. There are a few bars you can visit or simply walk around the town to see some local activities. You are free to choose to stay in a comfortable bed enjoying a hot water shower in a hotel with extra cost or you can stay the night onboard. Day 4 Labuan Bajo – Rinca Island – Karang Makasar The boat leaves early to Rinca Island (Loh Buaya) to see the wild Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. In Rinca Island, Komodos will be easier to spot but they can be a bit aggressive because the range of habitat is smaller than on Komodo Island. The trek is short but please be prepared with the usual gear. Lunch is served onboard. The boat proceeds to Karang Makasar to see some manta rays. Afterwards we depart for Moyo Island, and the boat sails through the night. Day 5 Moyo Island – Keramat Island – Labuan Lombok – Senggigi Harbor/Mataram Arrive at Moyo Island for a short trek to see the local peoples’ activities, visit the waterfall, then snorkel and enjoy the island. The boat will also stop at Keramat Island for a few activities, then sails back to Labuhan Lombok. The shuttle bus is waiting for you there to take you back to Senggigi harbour. This is the end point of our trip.

    Image Gallery

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