We are looking back at 10 years of accommodation rental

Dear students,

after 10 years, we are closing the chapter of accommodation rental in Bali. Since 2010 we have helped you to find your dream villa or apartment in Bali for your semester abroad, summer school or internship. We will never forget the time we started as a two person company, growing all the way to 10 people. We were meeting almost everyone personally, often accompanied by a “welcome beer” for everyone for check-in and only planned to stay for an hour or so to explain the most important things – “how life in Bali works”. It has happened that the the initially planned “one hour quick instructions” became a whole night and we watched the sunrise from the pool together. It was an incredible time. But now, we focus our energy on consulting for study abroad programs in Bali besides other projects. Thank you for sharing your time in Bali with us!

If you are a student and currently looking for accommodation, please consider our friends:

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