Anti-hangover tips

Everyone knows: A real hangover is not spared on Bali.
In this article we collect the best anti-hangover tips!
From years of experience, I can tell you this: To get rid of a hangover you need enough liquid, minerals & movement.

Part 1: The best anti-hangover drink
Here is the best drink you can make yourself:

  • 1. A large glass of water
  • 2. Add yoghurt
  • 3. Add salt
  • 4. Add sugar
  • 5. Stir and drink

What the body is most lacking the day after drinking is salt, sugar and liquid (water). The yoghurt helps with the bacteria cultures to get the stomach back into action and to fight the bad feeling. Water relieves the headaches. 2-3 liters of water are the least what you should drink the next day when you have a hangover.

Part 2: Movement.
If you’re not doing well, you are most likely not feeling like jogging. This is not necessary at all. But walking half an hour helps the entire body to get a proper blood flow again and to properly supply all organs with oxygen. Therefore you should definitely walk 30 minutes or longer in the fresh air – best at the beach, because this is far from traffic and polluted air.

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