Bintang Beer

Bintang Beer (Indonesian: Bir Bintang, literally: “Star Beer”) is the best-selling beer in Indonesia. It is produced by Multi Bintang, one of the Indonesian subsidiary company of Heineken.
The 5% Pilsner has a malt and hop flavour. The taste is often compared to that of Heineken. Likewise, the shape of the Bintang bottle also reminds of a Heineken bottle. Bintang beer is also available as a Radler. Bintang Radler consists of Bintang beer mixed with lemon or grapefruit juice and has less than 1% alcohol. [1]
The construction of the brewery began in Surabaya in 1929 during the Dutch colonial rule in Indonesia. At the time of Indonesian independence in 1949, the brewery was renamed ‘Heineken’s Indonesian Brewery Company’. In 1957, the Indonesian government took over the brewery and retained control over the next ten years. In 1967, Heineken again took over the management of the brewery, which was later renamed “Multi Bintang Indonesia”