Cost of Living in Bali

This article is intended to provide a rough overview, so you know what prices to expect in Bali for different products and services. (As at December 2016) Many drivers, taxis, travel agents and others try to demand the highest possible price. Who does not know the market prices usually pays too much. For conversion, see Currency Calculator. This is also linked to the left under “Helpful”

Eat and Drink

Food in Bali is relatively cheap. In a Warung you get Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng for . At Double Six Beach, Western Food (pizza or similar) costs . In the Warung Sobat, which can actually be described as a restaurant, a Grilled Beef Steak costs about . All in all, you can say that you can save a lot of money at the Food in Bali depending on where you eat. Meanwhile, there is also the ultimate delivery service GoJek, especially popular when it rains. The shipping costs are rarely higher than and often even free. Water is available in large canisters for only . With the right water dispenser at home, drinking water costs hardly any.


A package of Marlboro cigarettes is about 


Alcohol is relatively expensive in Bali. A Bintang beer costs in Kuta. For a Vodka Red-Bull or Long Island Ice Tea you pay about

  • Smirnoff Black:
  • Absolut Vodka:


  • Speedboat-Ticket to Gili Islands: (Return, depending on where you book you pay different prices)
  • Auto mieten, z.B. Toyota Avanza:   is a good price per day
  • Auto mit Fahrer mieten / all day (8-10 hours inkl. petrol):   –
  • Roller mieten /monthly:   – (no matter if the scooter is old or new, has a surf rack or not)
  • Roller mieten /daily:


We recommend driving only with Bluebird taxis and always insist on a taximeter, you can be sure not to pay an overpriced price. The journey from Kerobokan to the Udayana (about 8km / 30min journey time) costs about with Bluebird.


The police are also dependent on additional income. If you do not have your international driving license or scooter papers, you will be asked to pay. Often the police then demands 1 million IDR or more. As a rule, however, a maximum of should be paid. It usually helps when you say you are studying at Udayana University and do not have more money. The best is to have separately somewhere, so that you do not have to open the purse 😉 Even better is of course not to be stopped at all.

Internet Connection

Internet connection with DSL speed without volume limitation

  • 1 Mbit ADSL:
  • 2 Mbit ADSL:
  • 3 Mbit ADSL:


  • Low-priced Kos (can usually only be rented by locals, long waiting times):
  • Simple house or homestay /price per room:
  • Villa with pool /price per room:
  • A little more luxurious villa with a nice pool, housekeeper, gardener etc.:


  • Admission to bars, clubs and discos is usually free, unless it is a special event
    Drinks at the club

    • Vodka-Mix:
    • Arak-Mix:
    • Bintang Bier (klein):
    • Bintang Bier (groß):