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Putu Evelie Erstiani was born in Denpasar 9 months ago. Her father, Wayan, works as a tour guide through various agencies and can usually support his family with lots of money. Sadly, Putu got ill immediately after her birth. The diagnosis was a pneumonia. The symptoms were high fever and diarrhea. The baby was taken to hospital and taken care of. After a long time of almost four weeks, the parents were finally able to take the child home with them again, hoping that everything was over. Not much later, Putu had high fever again and she got into the hospital for the second time. The doctors thought it was the inflammation that came back and treated it accordingly, but the fever did not go down.
The family requested an investigation for a new diagnosis. Putu had to give quite some blood for investigation, but again there was inflammation in the lungs and the whole body. After a long time in the hospital, the parents were skeptical because there was no improvement and the financial resources were finished because of the long stays in the hospital. Wayan had to pay for everything with his salary of about 70 euros a month and could not keep up with the costs anymore. The problem is that he can not accept any orders anymore. As a tour guide, he travels around in Bali all week, but now he has to look after his daughter (Putu). Wayan asked other family members for help, but since his parents and brothers are simple farmers, they could not offer a lot of help. Now, Putu is 9 months old and weighs only 6 kg because her small body was very exhausted by the long illness. The symptoms (fever and diarrhea) came back about a week ago (as of 27.02.2012). And this time it is particularly bad. Putu always has over 40 degrees of fever and constantly diarrhea. Luckily, she drinks a lot. The little mouse is fighting for her life at the moment.
The parents are desperate and do not leave her side day and night. She is back in the hospital and is being treated again, but the doctors do not really know what to do. They keep on taking blood, but there is still no definitive diagnosis. The family is in great need, because they have no money anymore to pay for the hospital and the treatments.
Every euro can help to support the family!

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