Education For Indonesia e.V.

Education for Indonesia is an association registered in Germany, founded by former German students who did an Exchange semester in Bali.
Emerging countries such as Indonesia are characterized by extreme contrasts, especially with regard to society and the resources to be distributed. Unfortunately, not all can benefit from the fast-growing economy, and so there are still disadvantaged regions. As in any society, it is the children who are most affected by poverty. A good education as well as a solid education constitution is the basis for children to break through the cycle of poverty.
Due to this problem, some foreign students of the IBSN program decided to found the non-profit association “Education for Indonesia e.V.” in 2007. The overall objective is to improve the situation of children in the poorest regions of Indonesia. Under the motto “taking education – giving education” the students wanted to return something to their host country.
About one year after the founding of the association, the following association structure exists:

  • A unification in Germany, which is responsible for all organizational tasks around the club and carries out the major fund raising campaigns.
  • A core team of Bali students to organize, conduct and supervise projects on the ground, as well as mobilize additional donations.

This team changes every six months, consisting of committed international students from the International Business Studies Network Program, a cooperation between FH Dortmund and Udayana University Denpasar / Bali.
The ocumentation ensures that the results of the projects are passed on to the following team as well as to the clubers in Germany.
Of course, the members of the association as well as all students and assistants work voluntarily and free of charge.

Association purpose

In Indonesia many families with children live below the poverty level. It is often impossible for children of the first generation to have access to a good school education. Our goal is to help educational institutions to offer these children a stable foundation and a solid education.
The focus of the association’s work is on improving the situation in schools and orphanages that receive too little support in their regions. These are institutions whose existence and quality of education are at risk. But also the direct support of needy children through donations is an important concern for us.
In the past, our helpers have looked after different projects or carried out their own projects: whether they were renovating school buildings or whether the students needed writing utensils and books. Our team was able to find out more about the needs of the respective institutions and to direct donations to the needy children. Construction work is supervised by our team on site. Our helpers as well as our core team in Germany work exclusively on an honorary basis, which means that the money donated will benefit the recipients in full. Through the good networking of our teams, we can ensure an efficient reporting and thus a high degree of transparency and inform the donors on a regular basis about the use of the funds.
Furthermore, the association can strengthen and manifest the awareness of social problems in the specific regions. If you are interested in a stay in Indonesia, please do not hesitate to contact us. In our projects on site, we can also use volunteer help at any time.