Free or cheap phone calls to Germany

A smartphone can save a lot of money! Here are some useful iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry apps you should use! Internet access is, of course, required.

Send free SMS

  • Whatsapp (Send SMS worldwide without paying for it. Available for iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry and Windows Phone.)

Free “skyping” / Alternatives

  • Skype (Making calls and chatting with other Skype users, calls to a landline or mobile phone for a fee, available for almost all platforms and mobile operating systems.)
  • Tango (Phone and video calls worldwide, free of charge. In my opinion Tango has the best voice quality and most stable connection. Available for PC / Laptop, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.)
  • Viber (Free calling and video calling worldwide. Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.)
  • Cheap VoiP rates

    • (WeTalkPro offers low rates for calling to all countries for iOS and Android, which can be charged prepaid.)
    • (Flowroute offers a cristal clear connection to very cheap prices (to the German fixed network for 1 cent per minute, to the German mobile network for 5 cents per minute and to the USA completely free). I use this connection together with the Acrobits VoiP app on my iPhone and do not worry about costs anymore, no matter whether I call anywhere in Japan on the mobile phone or where else. Worldwide unbeatable conditions.)

    Completely free calls to the fixed net

    Acrobits VoiP (Use your German landline number wherever you have internet! Most telephone providers like 1und1, Freenet, Alice, etc. use VoiP technology. If you can make free calls to the German landline with your landline contract, you can also call for free calls to Germany from Bali and even take calls from your landline in Germany with your smartphone. For iPhone and Android. Please understand that we can not answer any technical questions. If there are problems with the setup, please contact your landline provider.)
    :Kostenlos oder günstig nach Deutschland telefonieren