International Driving Permit

To be able to get around in Bali, you will have to rent a scooter or car. And you will need an international driver’s license. Of course some students come to Bali without a licence, but if they get stopped by the police they will have pay a fine.
As the police often ask for ridiculous amounts of money you will have to bargain your fine. A “normal” fine should be 50.000 rupiah and you should avoid paying more. It’s best if you deposit the right amount “bribe” already in advance underneath you seat in the compartment or inside your driver’s licence. If the police try to get more money you can simply tell them that you do not have any more money on you. They will take the money you give and will let you go. Getting a fake driver’s license in Thailand or elsewhere makes no sense as the cost is roughly the same as getting it in your home country. In addition, with an original international driver’s license you can, as the name implies, use it anywhere in the world.