Due to the increasing number of thefts and burglaries in Bali, we have listed a few helpful safety notes. If you take these points into consideration, you should be able to get through the semester without major problems and financial losses.

Prevention of bulgary and theft

  • Don’t leave any valuables (laptops, smartphones, …) unattended in the accommodation or in the garden
  • When leaving the accommodation always close the door and if necessary also the room door
  • Always keep money and valuables in a safe. If the safe is not big enough then stowed laptop etc. not visible on or in the cabinet
  • Ask the manager of the villa who if necessary has a spare key or two-key to the room or safe
  • The safe should always be attached to a wall or in the cabinet and not loosely lying around
  • Occasionally count your cash in the purse to see if money is missing
  • Assure valuables for your semester abroad
  • Frequently valuables or cash disappears after parties or a one-night stand. Therefore keep valuables always in the safe or securely hide it / stow it away.

Prevention of raids

  • The majority of the raids take place during the scooter ride.

  • Do not drive alone at night.
  • Long-sleeved clothing (so that you are not noticed immediately with your light skin).
  • Handbags in the scooter compartment and DO NOT hang (what you don’t see is not there).
  • If the bag does not fit into the scooter compartment, then use a backpack or take it between the legs.
  • Avoid open drinks in clubs and never leave them unattended (KO drops).

Prevention of road raids

    • Left-hand drive!
    • Drive sober (almost all serious accidents are associated with alcohol)
    • Always drive with helmet
    • Slowly start when the traffic light changes to green (many still drive when they have already red light)
    • Drive looking ahead! (breeches, rolling pin, sand, dogs, cats, cows, monkeys, …)
    • Exchange your insurance data (health insurance, emergency hotline, insurance number, …) with your roommates and friends and always have an insurance card or license with you
    • For iOS users from version 8: Health-app Put your medical ID, so all the information like allergies, blood group, contact persons etc. Can be accessed (also works in locked mode).


    • Avoid self-brewed arak and other high percentages (methanol poisoning -> blindness / death)
    • At the beginning, eat better in the well-known restaurants and well-run food until your stomach has got used to the food (Bali Belly)
    • Tap water is not drinkable. To brush your teeth, we also recommend taking water from the water dispenser.
    • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly when preparing at home: ‘Heat it, peel it or leave it!’
    • Young, fresh coconuts help very well with food poisoning, fish poisoning and more (antioxidants)
    • Mosquito protection