Prefix Indonesia to Germany

A phone call from Indonesia to Germany can be expensive. Therefore, it is recommended to use an Indonesian sim card in the mobile phone and select a prefix before calling for Germany. Below are the prefixes of the current providers in Indonesia.
If you would like to call the emergency number of the German embassy in Germany from Indonesia (03018-170) then you choose with the provider XL for example:
01000 49 3018 170 (01000 is the VOIP preselection for XL, 49 is the country code for Germany, and 3018170 is the actual call number, the zeros before the country code and area code are omitted).

  • PT Atlasat Solusindo (SLI-01018): 01018 ( http:/ )
  • PT Gaharu Sejahtera (SLI-01019): 01019 ( http:/ )
  • PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL): 01000 (VoIP)
  • PT Indosat: 001, 008 or 01016 (VoIP).
  • PT Telkom (Simpati): 007 or 01017 (VoIP).
  • PT Bakrie Telecom: 009 or 01010 (VoIP).
  • Axis: 01012 (VOIP). Axis call rates / info.