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Singaraja (back in the days: Singaradja) is the second largest city on Bali, after the capital city Denpasar.

Location and History

Singaraja is located in the north of the island along the coast. Until the independence of Indonesia, it was the administrative center of the colonial province of Bali. Today, Singaraja is still the capital city of the government district (and former kingdom) Buleleng. The glorious history is still visible in the cityscape, which is dominated by typical colonial architecture. About 15 kilometers from Singaraja, also on the coast line, lies one of the tourist centers of Bali: Lovina. Lovina was formed from a number of former fishermen villages.


  • The former royal palace (Puri Palace). One of the four wives of the last Raja of Buleleng (A.A. Panji Tisna, who was also one of Bali’s most famous writers) still lives there.
  • The important Lontar library with books that consist of engraved Lontar palm leaves.