Taxis in Bali

Generally speaking, we only recommend using Bluebird Taxis on Bali, as they always use the taximeter, i.e.

  • * You pay an honest price
  • * They are cheaper than the others
  • * You get your belongings back if you have forgotten it in the taxi and market the number plate
  • * They are punctual for pick up

Unfortunately, there are no Bluebird taxis at the airport and you have to rely on local taxis. 

Some alternatives to the Bluebird taxi:



Another way to get from one place to another in Bali is Uber. If you have a smartphone, you have the possibility to download the application from the store and create an account. You simply link it to your Credit card or PayPal account, and you’re ready to go! Whenever you need a taxi, the app will show you where the nearest driver is located. Then you can simply order a taxi, and the app will show you where the driver is and how long it will take him to get to you. The advantage of Uber is that you can travel by taxi without having any cash at hand, since the trip will be deducted from your credit card (i.e. from the person who booked the taxi via the app) afterwards. A ride with Uber is much cheaper than e.g. with Bluebird and local taxis. If you take your smartphone with you, you can even order a taxi at night (with a little waiting time), which will then bring you home safely. We’ll give you a free ride! Click here 

Grab a Taxi

Grab a taxi works similar to Uber. Via the app, you can order a taxi and give in where you want to go. The app shows you the estimated price for the trip. If you agree to the price, you can order the taxi. Again, the app shows you when the driver will be with you. The difference to Uber is that you have to pay for your ride in cash. 


You do not want to be stuck in a traffic jam, but also do not want to drive yourself? Then GoJek is a good alternative for you. GoJek offers “Scooter taxis”, which means you are simply taken on the back of the scooter. A ride from Seminyak to Udayana University in Jimbaran costs only about 30.000 Rp., so you can go around in Bali in a very cheap way! You get a new helmet from the driver and even a raincoat, if it is raining. You can also order a driver here through the app. 

Taxi at the airport

If you leave the airport building after you arrive, you will find many, many people in front of you. You are usually approached by many of them, offering you a taxi. Often you pay a very high price if you have no idea how far the accommodation is and what it should cost. If you leave the international terminal (not if you have the domestic flight from Jakarta), then there is a taxi stand on the left (just a few meters to the left when you get out). There are fixed prices, but it can be that you still pay too much when you arrive at night and only a few taxis are available. As a rule, a trip to Kerobokan or Seminyak by taxi should not cost more than 7,11 $. The problem with the taxis at the airport is that the drivers often can not find the addresses right away. This is not only because of the partial slight local knowledge, but also because of the fact that the roads are badly signposted, often renamed, and the house numbers are not arranged in a logical order. So even with the accurate address it may be that the driver will need significantly longer to find the accommodation and the cost for this will of course be charged to you. It would not be wise to get into a fight with a taxi driver.. However, if you know the address and the area and know how to negotiate with the people, then there should be no problems with a ride from a local taxi. Unfortunately, Bluebird small.jpg Bluebird Taxi, the cheapest and most reliable taxi company has no access rights to the airport, because another taxi company has a monopoly here. Otherwise we would always recommend to take a Bluebird taxi.

We also have drivers who can pick you up at the airport. For more information, see Airport pickup