Visitor registration

16. May 2016: Via public announcements in the Bali press, the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office has reminded all accommodation providers and private residence owners in Bali of their legal obligation to report the details and data of all guests.
Signed by the head of the Ngurah Rai Airport Immigration Office, Yosep H.A. Renung Widodo, the announcement dated April 26, 2016, was addressed to all members of the community who provide accommodation, paid or unpaid, to foreign nationals.
The announcement reminds:
Every foreign national staying in private homes and rented accommodation in Bali must be reported to immigration authorities.
A report detailing the personal data of the foreign guest must be provided to the Immigration Office within 24 hours after the visitor checks-in at any form of accommodation in Bali.
Reports can be done online via the Immigration office’s website.
Anyone encountering difficulties of filing the information regarding their foreign guests via the online addresses above, should alternatively immediately advise the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office by telephoning 0361-9351038 or 0361-8468395, by facsimile to 0361-9357011 or by email
Accommodation owners or operators who fail to report the hosting of a foreign visitor within the required 24-hour period can be charged criminally under Section 117 of the Immigration Law Number 6 of 2011 with penalties provided of up to three months in prison or a fine of Interwiki: #currency:25000000IDR++.
Register accommodation guest to immigration office