Why book with us?

Best selection of activities with unbeatable prices

Trust in our preselection We research all activities offered for the best price-performance ratio. Since we only want to offer high quality, we work with the best providers. In particular we pay attention to the incidents and accidents in the past. If any activity is too dangerous it is only offered with an experienced guide or not at all.

Student discounts

Take advantage of our extra terms Since locals get mostly slightly better terms, just Amalia handles the negotiation of prices. She could knock out incredible and uniquie student discounts for you already many times. Almost no cheaper offers for such great activities!

Easy booking, smooth process

Trust in our fast and reliable booking For yure you can scour through all internet sites and booking engines or having trouble with nasty suppliers who want to sell their overprices tourist packages, but why? Save the stress, bacause we carried out this effort already for you. Around 30% of our work is just about finding, negotiating, modifying and updating our activities for you. On our website you can only find activities we can recommend you to 100% because we just want the best for you! For booking just fill out our short form and after recieving your booking confirmation everything is settled and you can look forward to a smooth process.

Flexible packages

Take advantage of the variability Many providers offer only fixed packeges you can’t change individually. That means for example that you have to get the driver and the breakfast of the package even if you don’t need or want to. We offer more flexibility, tailored especially for you and your budget! You want to arrive with your own scooter ir maybe share a car with 7 people? No problem!


Benefit from experience reports Alumnis have the option to leave a review for every activity. These are 100% honest and won’t be deleted if they are about negative experiences. That way you can build your own opinion.

Authentic pictures and videos

Build your own oppinion We tested all our activities ourselves. We try to mainly use our own photos and we’re constantly working to update it completely. You can check the last upload date with a simple click. The risk of disappointment is minimized – you know in advance what you get!

No bad conscience

Many tourist attractions go to the expense of animals. Activities such as swimming with dolphins or elephant riding are pure stress for the poor animals, that’s why we deliberately don’t offer them. Animal protection is very important for us, we donate for each given review on our site 20.000 IDR ro animal welfare organisations like BAWA or BARC!

Direct contact on site

Benefit from our service A professional and, above all, free service for you is very important for us! You can contact us if you have any problems and we will help you, in German, English and Indonesian – whatever is best for you! Even if you have just a question we are available at any time via mail, phone, chat or in person at our office.